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[ Lightroom Presets ] Download LXM LIGHT & AIRY LR//PS



35 LR Presets
10 LR Adjustments
35 PS ACRs
This is a Pack of 35 Light & Airy Presets & 35 Light & Airy PS ACR Presets. This Pack is compatible with Lightroom & Photoshop, JPG & RAW images.

Our Light & Airy Pack will brighten, soften and add vibrancy to your images. For creamy skin tones, soft vibrant colors and an overall dreamy effect. I created our Light & Airy Pack because I always shoot slightly underexposed to maintain sharpness and to also add a mild film grain like grit to my images when I brighten them back up. This pack will work great on underexposed and properly exposed images for both indoor and outdoor photoshoots.

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