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Cách mẫu kháng cáo cho video trên Dailymotion

Khi chơi Dailymotion, anh em nên đọc kĩ các rules của thằng này, không nên vi phạm. Một khi đã vi phạm, nếu bị nó phát hiện sẽ rất dẽ bị block kênh.

Tuy nhiên, cho dù mình sai lè ra vẫn phải cố kháng cáo với nó, rất có khả năng nó sẽ thả ra cho mình. Dưới đây là một số mẫu cho anh em kháng cáo với nó. Cách mẫu kháng cáo cho video trên Dailymotion

Mẫu kháng 1:

Dear dailymotion team.

My channel has been suspended for no reason at all. I did not receive the notification email, I believe I didn’t violate the terms of dailymotion. I think there was a confusion in the suspension of my dailymotion channel. So hopefully you guys will reconsider my case. Thank you

My channel: link kênh

Sincerely thanks

Mẫu kháng 2: 

Dear Dailymotion team

My account does not violate the Terms of Use of Dailymotion. I wish Dailymotion team reconsider my case. My video is not spam, deceptive practices, and scams.

1/ The contents of the video does not contain any spam in the video or in the comments so it does not violate the spam policies.

2/ The video does not utilize service that increase traffic artificially. All views and traffic are authentic

3/ The video does not contain misleading metadata.

4/ Videos do not have the pornographic images, videos do not tend to be violent, or stimulate others to do violence.

5/ My video is no shocking images or splash. Video of me no offensive images or racist.

6/ I set the default thumbnail of video you upload and I do not repeated many times in the tag keywords and description tags.

Please reconsider this issue. Thanks you very much for re-reviewing my Dailymotion channel. It would be awesome if you can take a look and address my issues. Again, thanks you very much.

Mẫu kháng 3: ( Phải dùng đến mẫu này thì khả năng mở lại kênh là rất thấp )    :(

Please give my video evidence as spam, porn. All my videos are games and music. Each video has the best visual and audio investment. Absolutely no repetition and spam, and no porn in my video.

I doubt "This decision is a result of thorough investigation by our team."

I am extremely disappointed with the Dailymotion team.

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